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Long Term Video EEG

Long Term Video EEG Monitoring - VEM

Long-term video EEG monitoring - VEM; It is a method in which EEG recording can be made uninterruptedly for hours and days in a way that the patient's behavior can be seen in detail and clearly accompanied by video. While the typical complaint described is monitored on the video recording, the electrical activity of the brain is documented simultaneously. Epilepsy classification is made in epileptic patients and the most accurate treatment is selected. VEM is an indispensable examination especially in patients with refractory epilepsy who are candidates for surgery.

By evaluating the semiology of the seizures, it is determined from which part of the brain the seizure comes from, and this region is surgically removed. In addition, many disorders in the differential diagnosis of epilepsy are also differentiated. Simultaneous monitoring of video images and brain waves distinguishes whether the complaint is an epileptic seizure, sleep behavior disorder, or a non-epileptic psychogenic disorder. Since ECG recordings are also taken in patients, heart rhythm disorders that can be confused with epileptic seizures are detected. Separating epileptic and non-epileptic patients from each other leads to a solution for patients who have used drugs unnecessarily for years and who, in fact, could not find a cure because they do not have epilepsy.

Long-term video EEG Monitoring is an evaluation method performed in certain centers in Turkey and especially in Ankara.